Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rainbow Project

Read this 2006 article from Business Week or this article from Time magazine for more information about Robert Sternberg and the Rainbow Project. Do you think the Rainbow Project assessment would have been a more accurate reflection of your aptitudes than the traditional SAT?

Just for fun, check out the New Yorker Cartoon caption contest.


  1. I found the article about Sternberg's Rainbow Project to be refreshing. Like Sternberg, I found that the SAT and LSAT limited my options out of high school and college. There is more to intelligence than aptitude. I think hard work and common sense can take a person much farther.
    I hope that his project continues and gives more people opportunities to succeed without limiting them based on merely an aptitude score.

  2. What this article reinforces for me is the uselessness of standardized testing at the elementary level. No Child Left Behing takes no account of brain research or what really happens in the classroom. Testing does not reinforce learning let alone tell us what a student knows. I can see it in my classroom. If we want kids to take standardized test, we need to read with them more often than we do and we need to listen to them when we have discussions.

  3. Using any one test to determine a person's full intellect is absurd and yet we have been doing it for years. This is one of my biggest frustration with state tests and the demand that EVERY child should be able to receive a level 3 or 4 on every one of them. As Peg states, the creators of these tests do not seem to pay any attention to current brain research or other educational research for that matter. I think tests such as Sternberg's are also viewed as "difficult to score". I see kids in our schools frustrated by their inability to score as high as they would like on standarized tests. When they don't see growth, they can often view themselves in such a bad light that it truly impedes their intellect growth and shuts them off to the thrill of learning. That's why the CHAD school mentioned in the chapter entitled "DESIGN" is so exciting!