Friday, May 1, 2009

Chapter Reaction: Abundance, Asia, and Automation

Please comment if you would like to share your overall impression/reaction to the chapter "Abundance, Asia, and Automation."


  1. When I read this chapter, I underlined all the detail. I don't remember the facts and figures. It was a left brain chapter and the longer I live the more I know I am a right brainer. I took standardized tests as fast as I could and rarely looked back. I trusted my brain knew the information. I see the big picture and the details don't matter.

  2. I could not help but think of the impact of a recession on much of what this chapter noted--as well as the thought of when will having enough "thingns" be enough. However, there is no doubt that America must react to the increasing overseas workforce and the need to not just create a product in order to be a successful business but to create a product that is " reasonably priced and adequately well as beautiful, unique and meaningful." (33)

  3. While I realize we should be looking at the global implications of this and then relating that to how we educate kids, I was struck by the following, but it is true that I could aways go for a walk and enjoy nature with no music, but I was convinced by the media hype that I needed an ipod. (though now I love it)
    "Nobody was out there clamouring for someone to figure out a way to carry 10,000 songs in one's pocket and to order individual songs, rather than entire albums, for the price of a candy bar. But once Apple brought this to market, the need emerged, customers lives improved, and Apple made money."
    Daniel Pink