Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chapter Reaction: High Concept, High Touch

Please comment if you would like to share your overall impression/reaction to the chapter "High Concept, High Touch."


  1. I was strucked by two aspects of this chapter:
    1. In the discussion of EQ (Emotional Intelligence) it is noted that there are many important qualities essential to success and leadership that are "tougher to quantify" --such as imagination and joy. I loved that the research study mentioned on page 58 found that the most effective leaders were FUNNY! This is such a crucial aspect of rally people to accomplish great things. I have always found it to be an essential part of teaching.
    2. I also totally believe in the statement found on page 60 that as we mature we find our cognitive patterns becoming less abstract (LEFT) and more concrete (RIGHT). I have so found this in my life.

  2. I agree with Brenda about the humor. Humor can diffuse many difficult classroom situations, and a smile can often get kids to settle down faster than a reprimand will.