Saturday, May 9, 2009

Chapter Reaction: Design

Please comment if you would like to share your overall impression/reaction to the chapter "Design."


  1. It was interesting to read about high schools that use design to teach core academic subjects. It was amazing how some of these students were from bad neighborhoods,not interested in school and often failing and they were able to get these kids to a level where they went off to college. I also found the part about designing medical settings nicely actually had an effect on people's healing and amount of pain medication needed.

  2. One sentence that stood out to me in this chapter is that "things are part of your life because someone else imagined them and brought them into being" (70). Being so left brained I am envious of those who have the talent to create and often think I cannot "design" anything--until friends remind me that I do it every day while teaching. This chapter also notes how we "need to reduce the nervousness" surrounding design and that design is something everyone does every day (75). I also love the studies showing the effects of design on moods, test scores, etc.

  3. I was most struck by this chapter. While I've known that everything is designed and how important art is to our lives it was still an aha moment to have it articulated with figures and substantial proof. "Graphic designers outnumber chemical engineers 4:1." Design has permeated everything from the consumer market of Target, to the interior of hospitals to improve patient mentality. The thought that Japan might even be rethinking their education system to include a more design and art based curriculum speaks volumes and should be a major consideration in our own country.