Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Interesting to go beyond the traditional education experience. Detention - choose a magazine picture and write about it. Not just a fun activity. Tell stories about pictures. Creative. Two different stories from same picture. Practical applications. Design - Broadway Middle School faculty room. So many practical things from every chapter.

Type of book that can used in whatever setting. So much meaning for life. "Fresh meat on old bones." Learn to think outside the box. Don't venture to go beyond. Draw an apple tree--not correct for teacher. Programmed to do things certain ways. "Took my mind on a journey." Meaningful quotes. Will be used when giving scholarships to students. We have gotten so caught up in "stuff." We have forgotten how to be empathic, how to relate. E-mail, text too impersonal. This book brought the back human being.

Book was affirming. Told me a lot of what I already know. Best part for me and most affirming: what kids tells me every single day which is, "We never waste our time when we listen." That's how we find out everything we need to know. We expect them to listen. If we change the ratio of talk to listen, students have a lot to teach us about what they need. We forget to ask kids what they need and how to deliver it. Have PDP and invite kids in. Ask them, "Why are you strugglin with...?" Refreshing to read and realize what I intuitively know is right. Daniel Pink is so articulate and can put it in a way we can understand.

Would like to hear what kids thought about it.

Reaction so far has been: I'm at a time of my life where I am thinking about the future. This book fits in perfectly. Book has given me places to start.

Describes the opportunities. The sky is the limit. Design/art. More opportunities for right-brained people.

This could be a course for students.

Power of the book to make you self reflect. Not a lot of books do this. Makes you delve into your own personal life. Extremely powerful in making you self reflect.

While I didn't necessarily agree with everything, mapped out to understand where it came from. Different point of view.

"The book is a right-brained book for left-brained people."

Assuming DP is correct in that the Western world needs to re-invent itself, we need to a) teach this, and b) evaluate it given the limits of NCLB.

Education system needs to catch up with this. Needs to be a turnaround into right-brained, creative solution for some of our problems. Mind-boggling.

We need to listen. We need to listen to students. We also need to listen to teachers. For example, this experience would not have happened without listening to teachers.


  1. Love the Wordle! thanks for the opportunity to participate!

  2. This was a great book to read and think about. I enjoyed the blog and websites that were offered. Thank-you