Saturday, May 9, 2009


Daniel Pink says, "Design has become democratized." One example of this is the number of customizable products on the market today. Go to one of the following sites and play--"build your own" product:

After you have designed your own sneaker, car, motorcycle, tote bag, and/or video camera, return here and respond to the following:

Henry Ford once said, "People can have the Model T in any color--so long as it's black." What would Henry Ford think of the customizable products available to consumers today? What other parts of our world have become customized? How important is a customized product to you?


  1. All I can say is WOW!!!!!!! Too many choices! As my grandmother would say in Russian, "Du blapst?" which means do you believe this? I think Henry Ford would be overwhelmed and blown away. Since I like some different things, I appreciate customized items, but cannot always affor or want to spend the money on them. It almost seems that there are too many choices today.

  2. We actually did the design a Nike at the NIKE store in NYC when Caitlin was in high school about 6 years ago, it was very fun, an dthe shoes were ready for pickup in only 1 hour. I love the Flip design your own! When I bought a flip last year I played on that site for FAR too long! I tend to get obsessed with design, and spend hours playing with photos in many software applications. Design is the reason I had to get new Ipod when my other worked fine, because it was so pretty!

  3. I am interested in what everyone things about the 6 senses, especially design in relation to the following:
    What are the implications of these ideas for the classroom?
    What are the implications of these ideas for the school?
    What are the implications of these ideas for the district?
    What are the implications of these ideas for the state?
    What are the implications of these ideas for education in the U.S. and the world?

  4. I found these designing sites very exciting! I love playing around and creating things like this. I love the idea of being able to personalize so many things.

  5. I created my own tote bag at LLBean and loved it! A lot of fun to get "exactly" what "you" want and clearly there is a sense of accomplishment that "you" had a part in creating what you purchase. Although I agree with Diane that sometimes there are just too many choices (think of your last trip to the grocery store), it is fun to be a part of creating something that you will be purchasing. Like Jill I am also interested in the ways Pink's 6 senses can become a part of the classroom. I have written down some thoughts in the margins of my book as I have made some connections to how I already do or could inspire the senses in the classroom. I would be interested in hearing more ideas.